NCM fascia systems are the ideal solution to ensuring a weather tight termination for low slope roofing systems. All of our fascia termination systems are ANSI/SPRI ES-1 compliant and carry independent wind speed warranties of up to 220 MPH. Each of our profiles are manufactured to your projects specific requirements, with an industry leading quality and lead time.

NCM Drip Edge ES-1

This profile is utilized when water flow over the building edge is encouraged. Ideal for low profile terminations.

NCM Econo Gravel Stop ES-1

The econo gravel stop encompasses a 1/2" tall water cant to prohibit flowing water from coming over the buildings edge. Secured with a 22ga continuous cleat for optimal performance.

NCM Fascia Extender

The Fascia Extender can be used in conjunction with any of our termination details. It allows for extended coverage of large exposures without compromising the ES-1 coverage.

NCM Flow-Thru Gravel Stop

Ideal for integration with IRMA and Green Roof systems, the flow-thru gravel stop allows for water to drain from the roof via the perimeter while providing a secure flashing.

NCM Fascia EC

With an .080" extruded aluminum cleat, the Fascia EC has the highest performance values of our line. Resisting negative pressures of up to -430 PSF

NCM Fascia 110

One of our most popular options. The Fascia 110 is installed with fasteners through the facade side of the building, allowing watertight installation without needing to strip in afterwards. The snap on design allows for quick installation. Cleat material is .050" Aluminum to ensure lasting performance.

NCM Fascia LT

Our most popular perimeter termination. The Fascia LT uses a 22ga continuous cleat anchored through the fascia, allowing installation without striping in components. The decorative face cover is snapped in place for a fast, clean, installation.

NCM Gravel Stop - High Cant

The High Cant gravel stop features a 2" rise over the roof edge with the membrane placed over the cleat, but under the decorative cover, for superior watertight performance.